Human Resources Consulting / Employee Recruitment

    • The basic principle in strategically-oriented employee recruitment is the search for qualified candidates and experts in the field, as well as operational and administrative specialists. In this search we work individually, efficiently, and professionally.
    • Because of our language skills we are able to operate in the international sphere through written postings as well as through direct communication. It is important to stress the strength of our own research division.
    • Candidate research within our own partner network
    • Through our competent, professional, and unfailing staffing, we offer the key to entrepreneurial success. In doing so, it is not only important for us to find the professionally “best” employees, but instead to find the “right” ones.
    • We do not only assess the professional qualities of our candidates, but beyond this also other qualities, such as personality, leadership potential, management capabilities as well as the possibility of a good match for the business, its values and ideals.